Simple Playerbase Suggestions
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    Feb 21, 2017
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    You might already have this planned, but include a Youtube rank to incentivize people to record on the server, thus attracting more players to join and spread the word. Some commands for this rank might include extra sethomes or a youtube kit.

    More importantly, I would suggest doing at least one giveaway to boost the server in the beginning, or do a continual one. To maximize profits and player return, have a counter on the donation page that says total server donations, and when this counter reaches $10,000, or whatever set value, there will be a giveaway for a random player. This giveaway should be 10% of the set value to insure the server doesn't loose too much funding, but still maintains a sufficient prize for the winner. The winner should be chosen by random drawing of ticket values. I understand that you have custom developers and it wouldn't be too hard to configure this plugin. Have every vote that a player casts grant them one ticket and that ticket is entered into a pool. At the end of the donation goal one of these tickets is drawn and that player is given the prize. This would increase player incentive to donate more to boost the goal, as well as increase their desire to vote because more votes is more tickets and more tickets is more chances to win.

    Another way of inacting this would be to take the $1,000 and get 10 smaller gifts and decide 10 winners. While not as grand of a prize it would allow for more people to win, thus created a more friendly server environment.

    However, certain stipulations and rules should be created such as someone can not win twice in a single draw, and the winner of the drawing has one week to join the server and claim the prize or that player will be rendered inactive and a new drawing will take place.

    If you have any questions regarding this suggestions please feel free to comment below. I want to see CurseCraft become the amazing server that it once was, and if being innovative and new is your way of accomplishing that then I believe this will only benefit the server.
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    Hey Stumpy911, thanks for the great suggestions! We will take them into consideration.