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Guide | Servers (WIP)
  1. CurseCraft

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    CurseCraft Network: Servers
    • All old and new player ranks will be Global throughout the CurseCraft servers.
    • Initial one-time renewals will be needed for all old pre-existing ranks.
    • Subscriptions will be applied to all ranks.
    • 'CurseLord' ranks will be changed to 'Cursed.'
    1. CurseCraft: 1.0 (OG)
    CurseCraft: 1.0 will be very similar to the old traditional version of CurseCraft. While additional servers are being developed, this server has the potential to stay apart of the CurseCraft Network, similar to the old 'Borderlandpvp.' Main details:

    • Traditional Soup PvP
    • Ranks will be given back. (Initial Renewal & Subscriptions)
    • Old Plugins with a few new added. (CCrate, CCDonator, CCTnt)
    • Not EULA Compliant at all.
    This server will be represented as CurseCraft was in the past. Minor changes may occur to fight against P2W. (Pay to Win)

    - Less money in kits & donator reclaim.
    - Less items in kits & donator reclaim.
    - Less McMMO levels received in donator reclaim.
    2. CurseCraft: 2.0 (New)
    CurseCraft: 2.0 is the beginning of a new and exciting version of CurseCraft. New ideas that have never been introduced will be implemented into this server. Main details:

    • Custom Soup PvP
    • Magic & New abilities
    • Custom Plugins
    • EULA Compliant
    • Rank subscriptions

    3. CurseCraft: Realms (New)
    CurseCraft: Realms is an idea that will come to change the game for Minecraft Servers & Players alike. Details yet to be revealed.

    A. Whitelist Subscriptions:
    • Info regarding Subscriptions on Ranks will be available within the store. (WIP)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.