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    Hey everyone,

    Full details for this thread are coming soon! Setting up a Discord Server to open up a chat for all questions. Will be integrated on the forums soon so sign up if you like!

    Join our Discord Server for further discussion: (CurseCraft Community)


    - Currently getting in contact with a few potential networks to overlook tech & more.

    - Opening up Co-Owner Positions. (Details on position requirements)

    - Exact release date. (Week or two after arrangement with overlooking network)

    - Content Creators that plan to be at release. (YouTube/Twitch)

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    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to CurseCraft's new official website! There have been those dedicated toward seeing CurseCraft's return ever since it went down on day 1 over a year ago. This has not been an easy task. A lot has happened between then and now, but there have been those of us that have never backed down in giving CurseCraft a real future.

    Today though, I have some exciting news to tell you all. We are getting close in presenting a release date for the server. Yes, I know, it's taking forever, but we are moving forward with the server regardless.

    Servers: (WIP)
    More info here > (Guide | Servers)

    CurseCraft: Legacy 1.0 (OG)

    - Old style of CurseCraft
    - Traditional PvP, Factions, McMMO, and Ranks
    CurseCraft: Evolution 2.0 (New)

    - New style of CurseCraft Factions
    - New Custom Soup PvP
    - New Abilities & Magic
    - New Special World Events.​

    CurseCraft: Server Realms 3.0 (Extra) (Concept Piece/Standalone)

    - Minecraft Usernames verified to join.
    - Different server's linked together within one universe.
    - Each server has it's own planet which can be rendered from other planets.
    - More to be explained later!​



    • CurseCraft: 1.0 has been added to the Network to appeal to everyone that wants the old style of CurseCraft. (OG CurseCraft)
    • All Ranks will be Global on CurseCraft. Ranks will be converted into Subscriptions with initial renewals applied to all old ranks purchased before 2017.
    • Global Store Sales, Redeem Codes, Regular Giveaways, Special Event Giveaways, Milestone Giveaways, and much more Benefits will be given out to the Community of CurseCraft.
    • The Revival Sale will be an opportunity for those trying to get a rank at a more than fair price. The Revival Sale for the server will last for 1-2 weeks. This will plan to be advertised by multiple content creators. (50% off Ranks.) plus possible Redeem Codes off that. That means an attainable (50%)+ off specific items in store categories.
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